Thursday, June 25, 2015

Waffle it! Omelet

Look what we have been up to!


I can't help but hum the tune to Backstreet's Back... oh yeah! As I write this blog. But I'm gonna drop in and say sorry I haven't posted in a long time. We've been adventuring. But I'll start doing better about keeping up. So anyway, I've had some new hair dos and some new adventures. This is my current hair status:
And I've been busy tending to a kickbutt garden. I'll share that with you soon.

Monday, March 24, 2014

March's Motivations

So now that spring has sprung, I'm pumping up the glow!

The cheeks have the show. And I'm in love with Harvey Prince!
Here are some of my favorites this month.
  •  I'm loving the 100% pure caffeine eye cream. It smells yummy and makes my eyes feel bright and awake.
  • Next up, I mix my Dr. Jart BB with Benefit Porefessional to create a smooth, perfectly hydrated canvas for my new MAC studio Tech (I finally splurged on this product after lenghty deliberation)
  • Then the CHEEKS - I start with contouring using my Pixie bronzing powder. Under my cheekbones, the sides of my nose, under my chin and along my hairline. Then the blush Right on the cheekbones - right now I'm using Benefit Dandelion (it's light and illuminating), but I have a Benefit Sugarbomb on the way! Lastly, the Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter right above my cheekbone and blended into the blush. Perfect Camera Ready.
  • Finish it off with some mascara and a lip gloss and you have classy in the bag.
  • Nothing tops off a great beauty routine better than a heavenly scent. I must admit that I have fallen in love with several Harvey Prince scents lately and Cherie Blossom is my pick of the moment!
  • At the end of the day, I remove it all and moisturize with Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum. It is totally capable of getting rid of the winter duldrums.
This is a slightly blurry photo, but this is the full routine in action!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring it to me baby!

I don't think I have looked forward to Spring this intensely in a long time. It seemed like a bitter never ending winter once the cold weather finally kicked in. So what am I looking forward to this spring?

  1. Planting herbs. I'm notorious for running to the grocery store last minute to pick up some basil or cilantro ... you get the picture.
  2. Ipsy - after a couple months hiatus I want to see some more color in my makeup box
  3. The zoo! Can't wait to go sing all the spring babies
  4. Dresses. I can go 24/7 in my favorite frocks. Plus I  have 4 dresses on the cutting board just begging to be stitched together (stay tuned for photos)
  5. Craft shows and festivals. Me and my polish are hitting the road. And I'm sewing up some super cute baby stuff. All my friends are popping out babies who are just gonna love these super adorbs prints.
  6. Farmer' Markets - Bring on the fresh fruit and veggies.
  7. Flip Flops - My toes are ready for some sun
  8. Picnics - My favorite kind of lunch
  9. Easter - I love Christmas but I think Easter just may be my favorite!
So bring it on Spring!